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AI strawberries: how digital agriculture could rescue global food security

In 2020, with technical support from the UN FAO, China Agricultural University and Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo hosted a "smart agriculture competition". Three teams of top strawberry growers – the Traditional teams – and four teams of scientific AI... (More)

£12m fund on way to ‘turbocharge innovation’ in farming

A new Farming Innovation Pathways funding competition to address the challenges of productivity, sustainability and net zero emissions in farming will launch on 1 March. The competition will be open to UK-registered businesses and research organisations who need funding for... (More)

Cristian Terrones
ICL Agronomy Expert - Community Moderator

Technology to cut urea dust emissions delivered to Russian federation

Advanced technology for ultra-low emissions in urea production has been delivered outside the US. The MicroMist™ Venturi (MMV) Scrubber is advanced wet scrubbing technology developed and optimised by Stamicarbon and EnviroCare International. The modular scrubber was delivered on time to... (More)

Cristian Terrones
ICL Agronomy Expert - Community Moderator

Cutting-edge tool launched to reduce fertiliser damage to the environment

Leading Scottish scientists have invented a new cutting-edge tool to help farmers find the safest way to use fertilizer in a bid to reduce its potentially negative impact on the environment. Researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University, led by Dr. Alejandro... (More)