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Cristian Terrones
ICL Agronomy Expert - Community Moderator

New climate module predicts cereal growth and disease risk

Cereal growers can now benefit from a climate prediction module that uses weather data to forecast key growth stage timings of crops to improve input efficacy and plan workloads. The technology, developed by agronomy firm Hutchinsons for its Omnia precision... (More)

Multiplying the efficiency and impact of biofortification through metabolic engineering

Ending all forms of hunger by 2030, as set forward in the UN-Sustainable Development Goal 2 (UN-SDG2), is a daunting but essential task, given the limited timeline ahead and the negative global health and socio-economic impact of hunger. A recent... (More)

Saving water and time with drip irrigation

Drip irrigation technologies are conserving resources and improving farmer resilience in eastern Zimbabwe through an initiative by the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), an implementing partner under the Program for Growth and Resilience (PROGRESS) consortium, managed by the... (More)

How to use drones to their full potential in farming

Drones are becoming an essential tool on many arable farms, but if you’ve not yet used them to their full potential, licensed drone pilot and arable farmer Simon Holtom outlines some of the best ways to use drones to their... (More)