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Sustainable fertilization
Sustainable fertilization
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Sustainable agricultural mulch

Agricultural mulch can help farmers regulate soil temperature, reduce weeds, and minimize water loss. However, the plastic in commonly-used agricultural mulch can degrade soil and water quality. The microplastics can even enter the food chain.

In a new study in... (More)

Sustainable developments in the fertiliser industry

The fertiliser industry is finding new and innovative ways to recycle phosphogypsum, a by-product of fertiliser production. Learn more about some of the ways it’s being sustainably reused, in this interesting infographic from the International Fertilizer Association!

Nanotechnology for precision agriculture

Non-toxic calcium phosphate nanoparticles doped with urea have been used to fertilize Triticum durum plants in a new exciting study. The results highlight the potential of this technology to provide considerable N uptake efficiency by durum wheat - and the... (More)