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Dr Rolf Sommer: how climate change may affect the tropics, the state of the world’s soils and the biggest agricultural developments by 2030

As part of the IFA2030 fertilizer industry strategic review exercise, IFA has conducted a series of interviews with leading plant nutrition academics and industry experts about how they see the future for farming and fertilizers. In his recent interview, Dr... (More)

Fun fact

An earthworm can digest its own weight in soil every 24 hours. 50% of the planet soil passes through the gut of earthworms each year.

No-till farming, seeding and fertilization

Choosing seeding and fertilizer rates for variable-rate applications can be challenging, but the potential cost savings and improved yields make it worthwhile, says farmer Mark Chapman. Chapman writes all the prescriptions for his no-till farming operation and has developed a... (More)

Nutrient management helps mitigate climate change by increasing soil carbon sequestration

Capable of storing up to 50-300 tons of carbon per hectare, soils are the largest terrestrial pool of carbon and represent 89% of agriculture's mitigation potential.

4R nutrient management (using the right nutrient source, at the right rate, in the... (More)