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How to use drones to their full potential in farming

Drones are becoming an essential tool on many arable farms, but if you’ve not yet used them to their full potential, licensed drone pilot and arable farmer Simon Holtom outlines some of the best ways to use drones to their... (More)

CEA and the way forward in a COVID-19 reality

Food production and food systems have never been without issues. Low yields, pests, diseases, poor climatic conditions, the list goes on. However, with the onset of COVID-19, the virus seems amplify many of those issues. The agricultural industry as a... (More)

Food system solutions win big

The GIZ Innovation Challenge, which aimed to find and promote innovative local ideas that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable agricultural sector along the entire value chain, came to an end on 27 October. The 15 finalists, narrowed... (More)

Electromagnetic tech for plant health

Bacteria and microorganisms are serious threats to crop health. Herbicides, pesticides and various other treatments are used in an attempt to protect plants, but a company in Denmark has developed a different technique.

The ‘Aqua-Hort’ machine is developed by Danish... (More)