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General Agriculture

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Dr Rolf Sommer: how climate change may affect the tropics, the state of the world’s soils and the biggest agricultural developments by 2030

As part of the IFA2030 fertilizer industry strategic review exercise, IFA has conducted a series of interviews with leading plant nutrition academics and industry experts about how they see the future for farming and fertilizers. In his recent interview, Dr... (More)

No-till farming, seeding and fertilization

Choosing seeding and fertilizer rates for variable-rate applications can be challenging, but the potential cost savings and improved yields make it worthwhile, says farmer Mark Chapman. Chapman writes all the prescriptions for his no-till farming operation and has developed a... (More)

£12m fund on way to ‘turbocharge innovation’ in farming

A new Farming Innovation Pathways funding competition to address the challenges of productivity, sustainability and net zero emissions in farming will launch on 1 March. The competition will be open to UK-registered businesses and research organisations who need funding for... (More)

Research trial highlights the benefits of cover crops for soil health

“We have to do anything we can to minimize the time soil is left bare without anything growing,” says Dr. Judith Nyiraneza, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) based in Prince Edward Island. Nyiraneza and Oyster Cove... (More)