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Asked a question last month

Hi ,My tomato farm leaves are turning to yellow colour and getting black spots on leaves..Also kindly suggest tomato fruit is cracking advice to avoid fruit cracking in circle shape...

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Alveiro Salamanca-Jimenez
PhD Polysulphate Agronomic Leader for Latin America

Many of the black circles and cracking can be also avoided using fertilizers with calcium, prolonged solubility and applied even at planting

Among the deficiency symptoms if leaves are turning yellow and later the spots it is mainly due to Potash (Leaf Curling) and Zinc  Deficiency  while the fruit cracking is because of Ca and Boron deficiency.

Please take care of these nutrients through fertigation/foliar 


Sanjay Naithani
Chief Agronomist-ICL India

There seem to be necrotic spots with yellowing. You need to check if these spots have concentric rings characteristic of Alternaria. If so you may use a broad spectrum fungicide like mancozeb. Make sure that the pH of water is between 6-7 for best results.

If you have a the problem of cracking in tomato, it can be of two types 

  1. concentric cracking in circular patterns around the stem.
  2. Radial cracking is a splitting that may occur around the stem.

These may occur due to imbalances in fertilizer (mainly calcium and boron) and water. You may share your contact for more details.