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Jayprakash Kadam
Agricos is Boss
Asked a question 19 days ago

Coconut plants how many years requires to full yields

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Dear Jayprakash Kadam ,

I would recommend you to contact your local forestry\agriculture extension, because factors like climate, soil and water can effect the plant growth and development. You can find some information in this link:,80%20%3D%202%2C000%20nuts%20per%20acre.4
I hope you will find this information useful! 

It depends highly on the variety.

In Malaysia, hybrids of the African tall and the Malayan dwarfs are planted (typical x nana). For example, the Mawa hybrid (Malayan Yellow Dwarf x West African Tall). Under suitable soil, good weather, and fertiliser regimes, in addition to good planting densities, this variety can yield more than 28,000 nuts/ha/year after 8-9 years (according to recorded yield profiles) and reach as high as 30,000 nuts/ha/year. It can fruit as early as 36 months.