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dinesh sharma
Jr. Agronomist
Asked a question 8 days ago

Pls some one help me farmer having a brinjal crop. Farmer spray difenconazole 3 ml/lit water, Kasugamycine 3 ml/lit water and ICL peakvant 5 gm/lit water but problem is not solved completely so pls describe reason and give me proper resolution.crop pics attached.

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Kasugamycin ( systemic fungicide + Bactericide) and Difenaconazole (systemic fungicides) and from the pictures it is not clear that there is any fungal infection, if you could be able to provide the clear pictures then it will be great.

From my view and as referred to your picture  there is Mg and Fe deficiency which reduced the photosynthetic activity so requested to take care of these nutrient deficiencies.