Dear AgroPro Members, 

Following our members’ feedback, we updated the AgroPro community website with a new content structure that enables better support of local communities by joining groups based on territory, and improves the way content can be found by the relevant agricultural topic.

You are welcome to join the new groups by territory, and follow the new agricultural topics. You can follow as many topics as you like and join groups that will provide you with ongoing information and knowledge sharing from our professional community members.

To follow an agricultural topic

  • Select “All Topics” on the left navigation bar to see the list of agricultural topics
  • Click “Follow” to add it to your preferred topics

To join a group by territory

  • Select “Groups” on the left navigation bar to see the list of groups based on territory
  • Under “All groups”, click on the group Icon. The group page is displayed
  • In the group’s page, click “Join Group” on the top-right corner of the group’s title

Thank you for growing with us!

The AgroPro Team