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Cristian Terrones
ICL Agronomy Expert - Community Moderator

Guide to soil moisture sensors

There are many good reasons for growers to use some form of soil moisture-sensing technology to monitor conditions and how the water is being used in irrigated crops. First and foremost, it can make good business sense, as irrigation can... (More)

Brazilian soy farmers try 5G technology with Huawei equipment

The Brazilian farm state of Goias rolled out a pilot project in early December 2020 to increase productivity and take fast action against disease using fifth-generation technology and equipment provided by China’s Huawei Technologies Co.

The rollout of the agricultural... (More)

How AI is helping rural African farmers

Agriculture has become a key priority in the poverty reduction agenda in Africa. Undoubtedly, the control of agricultural pests and diseases is critical to sustainable agricultural development. Zambia is one of many countries that has been invaded by deadly pests... (More)

Cristian Terrones
ICL Agronomy Expert - Community Moderator

New climate module predicts cereal growth and disease risk

Cereal growers can now benefit from a climate prediction module that uses weather data to forecast key growth stage timings of crops to improve input efficacy and plan workloads. The technology, developed by agronomy firm Hutchinsons for its Omnia precision... (More)