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Electromagnetic tech for plant health

Bacteria and microorganisms are serious threats to crop health. Herbicides, pesticides and various other treatments are used in an attempt to protect plants, but a company in Denmark has developed a different technique.

The ‘Aqua-Hort’ machine is developed by Danish... (More)

Scratch cards for the future of farming

Africa’s smallholder farmers are on the frontline of climate change, facing a warming world and increasingly frequent droughts, and are now confronted with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their produce feeds the continent, but they often lack the finance... (More)

Sustainable agricultural mulch

Agricultural mulch can help farmers regulate soil temperature, reduce weeds, and minimize water loss. However, the plastic in commonly-used agricultural mulch can degrade soil and water quality. The microplastics can even enter the food chain.

In a new study in... (More)

Smart sprinkling takes centre stage in Russia

Smart phones, smart homes, smart watches – this advanced ‘smart’ technology has infiltrated every aspect of our lives, and the fertiliser industry is no different. Scientists at Samara University, Russia, have developed a smart sprinkling machine, with a unique control... (More)