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Plant Nutrition & Fertilization of Crops
Plant Nutrition & Fertilization of Crops

  Kg/Acre Ratio
Ist Month8.
Iind Month11.56.913.81.671.002.00
IIIrd Month17.810.721.41.671.002.00
Ivth Month11.56.911.51.671.001.67
V Month6.
VI Month2.

These are  general month wise NPK requirement and Ratio of NPK, Requested to select any WSF fertilzer as per the monthwise/stage wise requirement of chilly crop.

personally i do not think it is anything to worry about, its not a problem with nutrients it looks to me like a genetics problem,

  1. how much of the tree is affected?
  2. are other trees affected as well?
  3. did it... (More)

Fruiting is based completely on flowering and for inducement of flowers requires the Phosphorus and Boron. During these days also requested to take care of soil moisture.

At such conditions foliar feeding/fertilization will help you to improve the flowering and... (More)