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How AI is helping rural African farmers

Agriculture has become a key priority in the poverty reduction agenda in Africa. Undoubtedly, the control of agricultural pests and diseases is critical to sustainable agricultural development. Zambia is one of many countries that has been invaded by deadly pests... (More)

Electromagnetic tech for plant health

Bacteria and microorganisms are serious threats to crop health. Herbicides, pesticides and various other treatments are used in an attempt to protect plants, but a company in Denmark has developed a different technique.

The ‘Aqua-Hort’ machine is developed by Danish... (More)

Sustainable agricultural mulch

Agricultural mulch can help farmers regulate soil temperature, reduce weeds, and minimize water loss. However, the plastic in commonly-used agricultural mulch can degrade soil and water quality. The microplastics can even enter the food chain.

In a new study in... (More)

Easy soil pH testing for healthier plants

Knowing the pH level of soil, which indicates its acidity or alkalinity, is crucial to getting the best out of crops; it determines how organic matter is broken down to provide nutrients to the plants and even affects the incidence... (More)