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Alveiro Salamanca-Jimenez
PhD Polysulphate Agronomic Leader for Latin America

Dear Tanay, every crop requires a specific amount of nutrients and they have to be supplied accordingly at the right rate, source, time, and place. For hydroponics, you need to split and balance all the requirements for the whole cycle,... (More)

I am not sure if I understand well your questions. Do you refer to growing crops under organic farming system scheme in hydroponics? Plants take up all their nutrients mostly in mineral and organic form, this is the way it... (More)

Anthony Duttle
Senior Sales Agronomist, North America.

Most hydroponic Fertilizers are nitrate based. (potassium Nitrate, Calcium Nitrate, Magesium Nitrate) or sulfate based, however you have to be mindful of the EC balance in your hydroponic solution and the type of crop you're growing. it's a very delicate... (More)