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Electromagnetic tech for plant health

Bacteria and microorganisms are serious threats to crop health. Herbicides, pesticides and various other treatments are used in an attempt to protect plants, but a company in Denmark has developed a different technique.

The ‘Aqua-Hort’ machine is developed by Danish... (More)

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A regional approach to soil health

Farmers can use a variety of practices to keep their soils healthy. Some of these practices include not tilling the land, planting cover crops between growing seasons and rotating the type of crop grown on each field.

However, research published... (More)

Indigenous resilience in agriculture during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to re-examine everything: their priorities, their jobs, even their roles in society. Those who were already vulnerable – including the poor, those who live in rural areas, and those who belong to marginalised... (More)