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Scientists compile the world’s largest inventory of known plant species

It can be difficult for conservationists and ecologists to keep track of the many plant species out there. That’s why they rely on taxonomic lists as their main tool. Now, a group of researchers has compiled the world’s most comprehensive... (More)

How plastic particles move through the soils: “It’s all cyclical”

Scientists have mapped the many ways through which microplastics and other particulate pollutants travel long distances through soils and other porous media. The findings by Princeton University researchers, and published in Science Advances, could help us prevent or at... (More)

Microbes help unlock phosphorus for plant growth

Phosphorus is a necessary nutrient for plants to grow. However, it can sometimes react strongly with minerals in the soil, forming complexes with iron, aluminium and calcium. This locks up the phosphorus, preventing plants from being able to access this... (More)

A regional approach to soil health

Farmers can use a variety of practices to keep their soils healthy. Some of these practices include not tilling the land, planting cover crops between growing seasons and rotating the type of crop grown on each field.

However, research published... (More)