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Dear AgroPro users, 

The website will be close in the end of April. 

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Dr Rolf Sommer: how climate change may affect the tropics, the state of the world’s soils and the biggest agricultural developments by 2030

As part of the IFA2030 fertilizer industry strategic review exercise, IFA has conducted a series of interviews with leading plant nutrition academics and industry experts about how they see the future for farming and fertilizers. In his recent interview, Dr... (More)

AI strawberries: how digital agriculture could rescue global food security

In 2020, with technical support from the UN FAO, China Agricultural University and Chinese e-commerce platform Pinduoduo hosted a "smart agriculture competition". Three teams of top strawberry growers – the Traditional teams – and four teams of scientific AI... (More)

Fun fact

An earthworm can digest its own weight in soil every 24 hours. 50% of the planet soil passes through the gut of earthworms each year.