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Welcome to AgroPro

We are a community of growers and agronomists. AgroPro includes reliable and useful crop nutrition information and more. We are here for advice, solutions, sharing thoughts or just to support each other. 

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Quality agricultural inputs through bundled purchasing

In Burkina Faso, agricultural producers face several challenges including the lack of access to quality agricultural inputs. Even when they have access to inputs, they do not get them on time. As a result, the utilization rate of agricultural inputs... (More)

What does a post-COVID future hold for the fertilizer sector?

In 2020, COVID-19 affected every aspect of life. No community, industry or nation has avoided the way in which the pandemic has altered many of the processes through which society previously functioned. The aim of researchers, academics and various industry... (More)

Soil health experts discuss the impact and benefits of soil management & research

Healthy, nutrient-rich and biodiverse soil is not only vital to the sustainability of global agriculture, but it is essential for farmers to grow nutritious crops that keep humans healthy. Experts recently shared their perspectives on the importance of having, protecting,... (More)