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Welcome to AgroPro

We are a community of growers and agronomists. AgroPro includes reliable and useful crop nutrition information and more. We are here for advice, solutions, sharing thoughts or just to support each other. 

How to practice Conservation Agriculture through soil management

Conservation Agriculture is a sustainable approach to agricultural production which aims to protect soil from erosion and degradation, improve its quality and biodiversity and contribute to the preservation of natural resources, whilst optimising yields.

Soil management should maintain and improve... (More)

Microbes help unlock phosphorus for plant growth

Phosphorus is a necessary nutrient for plants to grow. However, it can sometimes react strongly with minerals in the soil, forming complexes with iron, aluminium and calcium. This locks up the phosphorus, preventing plants from being able to access this... (More)


Hello Shinoo Ninan. Thanks for your participation, but this group is mainly focused on plant nutrition. I would suggest you to search in dedicated groups. Regardless, we hope the community can assist you soon. Have a nice day and stay... (More)